Should I Eat Meat or Not? Ask Bill!

This is certainly a very controversial issue. Interestingly enough, both meat-eaters and vegetarians claim that their arguments come from a love of animals! The meat-eaters claim that their eating of meat doesn’t negate their love for creatures in any way, while vegetarians believe its wrong to kill animals, period.

Those who are for meat eater believe that plants are living things, so how should they be any different than animals? Humanity is after all, just another portion of the whole food chain that all creatures are a part of. Eating meat is just another part of survival of our species. Then you also have to look at the job market – if meat were prohibited then millions of jobs would fall flat. I mean think about it – is it OK to kill human beings in wars by not OK to kill a cow? It’s almost as if taking meat away takes away the individual liberties we have as humans. There’s simply no scientific foundation to support the assumption that most animals would favor not being consumed.

Whoa! You might be saying. That’s a lot of puff and I’ve had enough! Let’s now move onto what vegetarians have to say.

So, yeah, plants may be living but they aren’t sentient beings and certainly don’t have any emotions. Animals feed on plants, so why not follow their example? Research has shown time and time again that meat leads to some cancer, heart disease, hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes.

Why I Chose Option Number 1

Though some people have decided on a plant-based diet, which is certainly also essential for survival. However, is our well being really that contingent upon what we eat? After all, it’s highly unlikely that there will ever be a “one size fits all” food option, behavior or other preference. Having said that, isn’t it simply more fulfilling to love life to the fullest instead of spending so much time worrying about getting your diet just perfect?

Don’t forget that so many vegetarians have to take supplements to get crucial vitamins like B12 not found in plant food alone. I, for one, am someone that despises the idea of munching down tons of pills every day, and will opt instead for a nice juicy steak for lunch today.

But that’s me! You don’t have to follow my example. I’ll be very interested in hearing what others have to say on this topic. Send me a note or leave a comment!

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